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tobacco germplasm research summary

tobacco germplasm research summary

Germplasm sources that Indonesia is a natural germ pasma contained in various types of flora and fauna that live in the jungle. Similarly, plasma potential nutah contained in agricultural ecosystems and settlements. Period organisms (flora and fauna) that still carry the genetic trait original properties. Germplasm is the substance that regulates the behavior of life as a down termurun, so the population has properties distinct from other populations. Those differences can be expressed, for example in disease resistance, physical form, the power of adaptation to environment and so on.
   The existence of some germplasm becomes vulnerable and rare, and some have already become extinct due to major changes in the use of biological resources and land use as habitat. All this is caused by human actions. The development policy of less preservation lingkunganpun participate in the process of extinction germplasm. One of the germplasm in Balittas the tobacco germplasm. To increase the production of tobacco had to use high-quality seeds, which can lead to tobacco high productivity and high quality, because the seed is one of the critical success factors of cultivating various crops. One way to obtain information on the quality of tobacco seed is the seed quality testing. To menngetahui seed quality can be done in several ways including the testing of seed germination and seed moisture content testing of tobacco (Nicotiana Tabacaum L.).
The purpose of this study is to find out how to test the quality of seed germplasm tobacco To determine the percentage of water content of the germplasm seed tobacco grown to know and synchrony on the seed germination of tobacco germplasm.
Research Center of Tobacco and Fiber Crops Institute Malang was doing some research (genetics, morphology, physiology, ecology, entomology, and fitopatologi), pembanihan and produce technology related to tobacco crops, fiber and oil industries. In addition to these activities also conducted joint preparation, information and recommendations, as well as the dissemination and utilization of results - results of tobacco plants, fiber and oil industries. Providing policy advice in agribusiness tobacco plants, fiber, and oil industry is one of the activities that have been carried out.
Germplasm is the substance that regulates the behavior of life as a down termurun, so the population has properties distinct from other populations. Those differences can be expressed, for example in disease resistance, physical form, the power of adaptation to environment and so on. Meanwhile, according to the definition or Definsi contained in the Dictionary of Agriculture is a source of nature offspring substance contained in each group of organisms that can be utilized and developed or assembled in order to create a superior species or cultivars.
Seed is a seed that comes from the ovule. Ovule in growth after cooking and then to seed (seed), while integumennya a seed coat and ovary becomes buah.jadi seeds can be said that the term is to have a better understanding of agronomic, while the seeds are more biologically.
Storage of seed (seed storage) is an attempt to solve the problem of seed supply. Since most forest species do not bear fruit throughout the year, we need a good storage method can maintain the stability of both the number and quality of seed.
Seed storage in order to have a broad meaning, because the storage is defined here is from the seed reaches physiological maturity until planted. The place and time can occur when the seeds still in plant, warehouse or delivery of the seeds in order to place or area needing. While in storage due to the influence of several factors, seed quality will decline.
Seed quality testing is one very important part of a process of seed production in addition to field inspection, handling, and labeling products. In this study, which will be tested is the quality of the seeds of tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.).
Tobacco is cultivated from seed. Kecambahnya grew in the nursery. Generally 10 g of healthy seeds needed to produce enough seed to plant 1 ha, but only 1/3 of this amount is required if seed pellets. Seed germination medium is a mixture of soil and compost, and should be sterilized at 100 ° C for 1 hour to prevent infection from soil pathogens.
The method used is referred to the book ISTA Rule 2010 on seed quality testing Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.). Step - step Testing Tobacco seed moisture content is container and lid / Petri dish is heated in an oven temperature of 130 ° C - 133 ° C for 1 hour ± 3 minutes; cool in a desiccator; weigh the container and marked W1, adding seeds of ± 5 g; containers weighing with W2 and put in oven at 130 ° C - 133 ° C in a closed container positions open for 1 hour ± 3 minutes; cooled in a desiccator weighed again next W3. Sedangkah for germination testing the straw paper cut to the size of an area petridish; 5 pieces put in a petri dish, and then soaked in water until quite wet; each replication seed planted as many as 100 items, included in geminator; germination observations performed at 7 and 14 days after planting. At the time of observation 7 days after planting, the sprouts that have grown normally taken so that is left are the seeds / sprouts are not growing normally.
The results obtained from testing the quality of seed germplasm Tobacco namely:
Table Difference Moisture Tobacco Seed
Blek Blek K8 and K9

Blek Blek K8 K9
Average - the average 8% 6%
Low value of 7% 5%
Top 9% 7%
Standard Deviation (SD) 1 1

The test results of water content of 2 tin with 8 K8 and K9 accession numbers with 7 accession numbers are blek K8 diproleh average between 8%. It means lying between 8-10% means the seeds are dry enough to be stored for 1-3 years old with an open storage systems in temperate elapsed areas, very little activity of fungi, seeds are very sensitive to the effects of mechanical damage. While in testing moisture tin K9 average percentage of 5%. It means lying between 4-8% moisture content seeds safe for closed storage system (storage = seed moisture and low temperatures, seeds packed in airtight packaging).
Table Comparison of simultaneity Grow, Power and Abnormal Germinate Tobacco Seed Blek Blek K8 and K9
Blek Blek K8 K9
Growing simultaneity
 (%) Power Germinate
 (%) Growth synchrony
 (%) Power Germinate
Average - the average

Low Value


Standard Deviation

In the data on tin K8 germination percentage of the average power ≥ 85% mean germination worth keeping. While the tin K9 germination percentage average is ≤ 85% viable means of regeneration. It can be concluded that the seeds that have a high quality tin K8 the seeds with accession numbers S.1843 Th. 2009, while the seeds that have a low quality of the seed with the accession number S.1845/A1 Th. 1999. In tin K9 high quality seed that has the accession number S.1846 Th. 2004, KRP, which has a low-quality seed that accession number S.1900 Th. 1994. The higher the percentage of growth and germination synchrony, the higher the quality of the seed, and vice versa.

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